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What to Expect After Braces Come Off

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

After enduring wearing braces for anywhere between one and three years, you might be wondering what to expect. Wearing the braces for so long can have you wondering on how you are going to adjust to a life without braces, and what will the follow up treatments be once the braces come off. Where you want to ensure you didn’t devote that time in braces for no reason, there could be a few things to top off the braces treatment.

Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics share some basics on what to expect after the braces come off.

Dental Braces Pain Relief. The best news is that when the braces come off, you will not feel any discomfort, perhaps some relief. Your teeth may feel a bit different, as is smoother. After feeling the brackets and wires removed from your mouth, you may feel like you have more space inside your mouth. But within a few days, you will feel back to your old self.
Retainer Treatments. Retainers usually follow braces. This treatment ensures your recently straightened teeth will sustain their alignment. Just as you did with the braces, we will tell you the specifics concerning the use of wearing the retainer. The length of time you will wear the retainer, when you need to wear it, and how to care for the retainer as well as your teeth. Generally, you will need to wear the retainer all the time, followed by just at night, until the time where you no longer require them.
Sensitive Teeth. Because the brackets shielded the enamel of your teeth to exterior conditions, your teeth might feel a little sensitive until they adjust. While you wait for them to acclimate, treat your teeth with care.
Cavity Treatment. Depending on how dedicated and meticulous you were with your oral hygiene, depends whether or not you have cavities. If you acquire any, now with the braces gone, getting them filled is necessary. We will take x-rays to determine if cavities are present.
Tooth Whitening. If your oral hygiene was poor, you may desire the use of teeth whitening after the braces have been removed. As previously mentioned, your enamel needs adjusting and more often than not, your teeth are very sensitive. Utilizing the whitening strips should be delayed a couple of months until your enamel is no longer feeling the sensitivity. Though you may be eager to balance the color of your teeth, hold off on that impulse a short time, and wait for your teeth to be ready.

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There are probably a lot of questions you have concerning the final removal of your braces. A very exciting time, as you had to adjust when they were put on, you will adjust to their absence. On your final appointment day of your braces, Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics can answer any questions you may have and share some tips on caring for your teeth and retainer.