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Why Do So Many Teenagers Have Expanders & Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

If you look around at the population of people surrounding you, you may start to notice the ones that have braces. When you put them into categories you might then notice that the majority of the individuals that have them are pre-teens and teenagers. These are children between the ages of 11 and 18 years old. That is not a coincidence that this is the age that many people have their teeth worked on. There are several good reasons that this is done and why it is important to start your orthodontic journey early. Although not everyone needs to have braces, everyone can benefit from braces in some way. The best way to determine what your child will need is to go to an orthodontist and have a consultation to discuss the expectations you have with your child’s smile!

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics lists reasons why you see many teenagers with braces.

How Many Teeth do You Have to Lose Before You Get Braces? Why do you start before all the adult teeth have grown in? This is an area that many people wonder about. They assume that the best time to start your orthodontic journey is after all your baby teeth are gone and your permanent teeth are grown in all the way. This actually makes the process to straighten teeth longer and more drawn out. Many children require an expander that is used to widen the upper jaw and allow room for more teeth to fit in the space comfortably. In order for an orthodontist to expand a mouth it has to be done prior to the child turning 12 years old. The bones will fuse near that age and will no longer be able to space out. That can then lead to teeth needing to be extracted.
Why Are Teenagers Most Likely To Be Seen With Braces? There are some great reasons that you will see teens with braces. One of the biggest reasons is that this is the time when their small baby teeth are falling out and their permanent teeth are coming in. You can tell very fast that the teeth are going to be crowded or too spaced out. This happens in the teenage years and is the best time to straighten them as the rest of the teeth come in. Having your braces done while you are a teenager is a great way to increase confidence and self-esteem in a child’s life.
Can Adults Get Braces? Absolutely! Braces are not only for teens but for anyone that is unhappy with their smile. Braces can be put on any teeth that are healthy enough and can be adjusted to give you a more beautiful smile. The best option you have as a teen or an adult is to consult with an orthodontist and get their opinion on a course to straighten your teeth.

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