Orthodontic Treatments & Braces for Teenagers

Finding out your teen requires braces to correct teeth or jaw issues doesn’t mean what it used to when you needed braces as a teen. Orthodontic treatments, methods, techniques and products have dramatically improved over the years.


Many Treatment Options

Braces available in a number of materials like:

  • Acrylic
  • Ceramic, or clear
  • Invisible Invisalign
  • Traditional metal

With the ingenuity of braces, even teenagers can explore the more discrete forms of braces. With the various treatment options, there are contributing factors that determine how long treatment will last, such as the type of severity of the issues that need correcting. Also, every person is unique. Two patients with the same issues can have varying lengths of treatments.

Finally, your diligence in following your orthodontist’s instructions and wearing appliances plays a role in how long braces must be worn. We ensure your teen gets the best treatment and protection while in our care.