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Conventional X Rays VS Digital Dental Radiographs

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Technology continues to be developed in all industries, and the field of orthodontics is no different. With the advancement in products, equipment and tools, extensive oral care and treatment have become much more than what it used to be for both orthodontists and patients. Radiographs or X-rays, have progressed into the digital world, giving advantages to orthodontist specialists and to their patients.

Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics would like to list some of the benefits digital radiographs have to offer.

The initial process of digital radiographs is quite similar to traditional film X-rays. A sensor is inserted into your mouth to capture images of your teeth and gums and uploaded to a computer, where it can be viewed on a screen. As far as what digital radiographs produce, it has far more contrast than traditional film.

Benefits of Digital Radiographs:

1. Utilizing digital radiographs expedites the process in gaining insight on the individual’s teeth, jawbones, gum condition and other aspects of the current state of the mouth. The digital copies are immediately uploaded and viewed right away on a screen. With traditional film radiographs, after the X-rays are taken, a staff member would have used the additional time to process the film.
2. Where traditional X-rays are viewed in their standard printed size, difficult for viewing, orthodontists have the option of enlarging the radiograph to get a closer of look of potential problems. The clarity of a digital X-ray uploaded to the screen almost instantaneously, is far more exceptional than that of a conventional radiograph.
3. Digital radiographs can be rectified with minor defaults, where as if the traditional print is defected, another X-ray would have to be completed and processed.
4. Digital copies can be sent quickly and efficiently to insurance companies, specialists or between the orthodontist and dentist. Amongst the professionals, your digital radiographs can be easily seen, giving you faster and preferable treatment. Insurance claims can be rapidly processed to give you the treatments you need sooner than later.
5. Digital radiographs are environmentally clean as opposed to traditional film radiographs that require chemical use and resources. Storing printed X-rays can quickly become a mess, and valued space is saved to not have to a processing room for films, or a cluttered waste of space filing X-ray prints.
6. Up to 90% less radiation is used in digital radiographs than conventional film. Though film X-rays are virtually safe, and every precaution is taken to ensure the patients safety, digital radiographs are a more optimal alternative to avoid as much of radiation as possible.

Dental Digital Radiography Computed Software Applications

In addition to the advantages digital radiographs possess, there are software applications that can really contribute to your orthodontist’s prescribed overall treatment. For example, there is a program subtraction radiography that allows your orthodontist to compare original digitally stored X-rays to current X-rays to ensure proper correction, and to further treatment, along with making minor adjustments if necessary.

Digital Dental Radiographs for Superior Orthodontic & Braces Treatment in Las Vegas Valley of Summerlin, Northwest LV & Henderson Nevada

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