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3D Orthodontist Teeth Impression Scanners

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

In many industries, the modern technological industry has greatly improved methods and techniques for superior results. Orthodontics is no different; in recent decades ingenuity has taken hold and has dramatically influenced treatment and care in a variety ways. Traditional braces, for example have been upgraded to Invisalign and Damon products to increase comfort, reduce treatment duration, and boost discretion. Now the way we get impressions of your teeth has been enhanced with the use of 3D scanners from 3M. Leaver & Gardner have two new 3D scanners from 3M. We no longer need to take impressions for Invisalign, expanders and other dental appliances. We now have the ability to simply take a 3D movie of the teeth instead!

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics would like to expound on 3D scanners from 3M, and the benefits to both professionals and patients.

With the digital world exploding, it’s no wonder that the Orthodontics industry are taking advantage of new products and equipment to make care, treatment, and visits go smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Digital scanners are replacing PVS impressions, which will give a quicker and more detailed 3D copy of your teeth, to achieve optimal results in treatment.

How Does a 3D Impression Scanner Work?

A scanner is moved in a methodical motion to capture video of interior of your mouth, capturing every detail of the teeth and gums. The rendering is then stored on the Cloud. In real time, the 3D version of your mouth is produced on the screen, and once the scan is complete, an exact 3D replica is ready for viewing. Zooming in and out and rotating the digital copy, patients and doctors are permitted to thoroughly examine the issues, see what needs to be done and how treatment will improve the teeth. With the accurately detailed composition of the 3D scan; retainers, traditional braces, and clear or spring aligners can be better equipped to provide the best treatment possible for the optimal end results.

Benefits of 3D Impression Scanners for Orthodontists:

– A complete scan of dental anatomy in each patient can better provide the doctor with a speedy course of optimal treatment for premium efficiency.
– A more reliable impression, reducing the need to make adjustments in products.
– Endless storage of scans filed on the Cloud database.
– More convenient method in obtaining oral “impressions”.
– Improved quality for treating patients.

Benefits of 3D Impression Scanners for the Patient:

– Avoid messy and uncomfortable modeling putty for getting impressions of your dental anatomy.
– More direct approach in achieving final results.
– Less time spent per visit, and minimizing office visits.
– Expedite the treatment process.
– Better understanding in consultations to see what your issues may be, and more description as to how the various treatments will correct the problems.
– Knowing your Orthodontist is continuing to advance in the field, and provide their patients with a high quality of treatments and procedures.

3D Invisalign Orthodontist Teeth Impression Scans in the Las Vegas Valley of Summerlin, Northwest LV & Henderson Nevada

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