Teeth Straightening Options Without Traditional Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

There are many different aspects that lead to great self confidence. Having straight teeth is one of the major attributes folks desire. Having healthy and aligned teeth is a perfect way to boost the confidence we crave, especially as we enter adulthood. Having braces into adulthood, and even throughout the years of adolescence can be a challenge, luckily there are a few alternatives to getting your teeth to their full potential.


1. Clear Aligners or Invisalign. Clear aligners or Invisalign are becoming an increasingly more trendy approach to traditional braces and are an exceptional alternative to straightening teeth. They are far more discrete than the traditional metal braces. The treatment comprises of several clear, plastic trays custom made for the patient. You will get new trays at specific intervals throughout the course of treatment following the previous one once it has straightened out your teeth to its level, till eventually, there is no longer a need. They are worn between 22-24 hours a day, removed for cleaning and oral hygiene, and food consumption. The use of Invisalign is more preferred among patients who have a more severe case, but don’t want the more obvious approach of braces.
2. Veneers. Most patients would shy away from that procedure in the early stages of veneers. But over time, modern technology, and engineer’s research and development have advanced. Now veneers have become a more useful and beneficial way to straighten your teeth. Veneers are fine, thin strips of porcelain, or similar materials, that are matched to the approximate same shade of your teeth. A few trips to the orthodontist in order to ensure the perfect fit, veneers will help straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently.
3. Retainers. Patients with minor malocclusions or misaligned teeth using retainers are a common alternative and have been used nearly as long as braces have. Retainers are worn continuously or just in the evening hours depending on the severity of your case. For patients that have severe misaligned teeth braces generally start the treating process and then completed with the use of a retainer.
4. Serial Extraction. Malocclusion are a byproduct of baby teeth and adult teeth interacting with each other in most cases. More than likely, multiple teeth erupted without the available space for them to do so. Serial extraction is an affordable way and effective option for this particular situation and avoids braces. However, in order for this option to be a possibility, the dentist has to track your child’s teeth early and painless remove the baby teeth as the adult teeth begin pushing through the gum line.




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