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Surviving Summer Vacation With Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Important Vacationing Tips for Brace Wearers

Summer is the season where families take the time to go on vacation. Vacation means enjoying amusement parks, extended family’s company, road trips, and good food. But for the one wearing braces, the family vacation might be wrought with dilemmas. Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics share some tips and advice for the one wearing braces while having fun on vacation.

Traveling Orthodontic Oral Hygiene for Braces

For starters, before you head out on your grand adventure, put together a traveling orthodontic oral hygiene kit. You may not need all the recommended items, but if the situation arises, you will be happy you had it amongst your luggage! Items to include:
– Toothpicks or floss-picks
– Floss
– Toothpaste
– Toothbrush
– Travel size mouthwash, or you can use a small water bottle and fill it with mouthwash to offer more ounces than the travel size.
– Orthodontic wax in the chance you experience protruding wire discomfort.
– Small hand held mirror to give yourself on inspection in case something feels amiss.
– An extra clear plastic aligner tray
– The name, phone number, and address of orthodontic offices in the place or places you are visiting in the event of an emergency.
– If you wear the clear plastic aligner trays, take either the previous tray or the next tray with you in the event you lose the current tray. If that happens, just be sure you visit your orthodontist as soon as you return to get you back on track.

Food to Avoid While Wearing Braces

Never neglect your oral hygiene, even when you are on vacation. Taking care of your teeth is a priority many folks seem to forget while vacationing. Keep on your good oral hygiene habits and don’t forget to avoid the following foods:
– Chewy, sticky, or gummy foods
– Corn on the cob
– Hard candies
– Hard pretzels and cookies
– Hard rolls and bagels
– Peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other nut varieties
– If you wish to consume apples, pears, and other fruits, take the time to cut them into wedges first.

Orthodontic Care & Treatment to Straighten Teeth in Las Vegas Valley of Summerlin, Northwest LV & Henderson Nevada

Oral hygiene is essential to maintain healthy teeth and avoid serious tooth decay and other issues. Wearing braces makes daily oral hygiene more difficult, and thus the brace wearer is even more susceptible to negative consequences of neglecting oral care. Not only can serious problems manifest in your mouth, it could affect your overall heath, and prolong the braces treatment. If gum diseases and serious oral health problems develop, the braces could possibly be removed and the process will have to start over when your mouth has healed. Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics know that taking care of your teeth and mouth is hard enough while wearing braces. We understand that adding traveling to the mix while taking care of your oral health can be challenge, but remember the consequences. If you have any questions on how you can be prepared to go on your vacation while wearing your braces, feel free to give Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics a call.