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Implications of Tongue & Lip Piercings

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Many people choose to have their ear pierced as part of their fashion sense. Other people choose to have more piercings done that can include your tongue, cheek and your lip. If you have a teen or you have chosen to have a piercing in any of these areas you may want to look at the problems that can come because of them. They may be a way to express yourself and show off your individuality but you don’t want to put your oral care at risk of trouble. Before you have any oral piercing done it is a good idea to speak to your dental professional to understand what problems may come because of it.

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics Outlines What Potential Dental & Orthodontic Risks Come With An Oral Piercing

Chipped & Broken Tooth: One of the major problems with having any kind of oral piercing is that you can potentially chip, crack or break a tooth. The piercing is going to be some kind of metal that you are not used to on your mouth. You can end up accidentally chomping down on the metal piercing and causing your tooth to break. If you have a tooth that has been broken you will need to get an appointment with the dentist to have it repaired.
Broken Braces Bracket: The other problem for people that are going through orthodontic care is that they have a bracket on each tooth. A piercing that is on the lip or even the tongue can come in contact with the bracket by eating or simply by talking. When this happens the bracket can break and separate from the tooth. This will lead to an appointment with the orthodontist to make the repair and it can potentially set back your orthodontic care. It may take longer to make the corrections the more that the brackets and hardware are broken.
Gum Injury; Trauma to Gum Line: The health of your teeth is really only part of the health of your mouth. The gums play a huge role in your oral health. When you have a piercing it can hit the gums too hard causing a sore that can become infected. Another problem with an oral piercing is that it can continue to rub or bump into a particular part of the gums that can cause them to recede which exposes the nerves of the teeth causing sensitivity.
Swollen Gums, Pain & Infections: If there is any other problems with your oral health it can delay your orthodontic care. This includes injury and infections to your teeth, mouth and gums. The piece of jewelry that is used is supposed to be cleaned but it is going directly into your mouth and that can easily lead to an infection. You will need to have your infection treated fully before the orthodontist can continue the treatment.

Expert Orthodontic Care

If you are thinking about having an oral piercing whether it is your lip or tongue it is best to wait until after your orthodontic treatment is completely. Then ask the advice of your general dentist for the cons of having an oral piercing when it comes to the health of your mouth and teeth. Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics offers expert orthodontic care so give us a call today to set up your appointment.