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How to Prevent Emergencies With Your Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

When you have braces you are probably used to going to your scheduled appointments. You go in for a routine visit to have your progress checked and to make the necessary changes. If you have an emergency with your braces you are going to have to call the office and hope they have availability to see you and repair the problem. The issue comes when you have an emergency that is potentially painful or the office is full and cannot see you right away. This can set you back in your progress and cause you to have braces for a longer amount of time.

Leaver & Gardner lists ways to help you prevent emergencies with your braces.

Foods to Avoid with Braces: One of the most common ways that braces are damaged is from food. People sometimes forget about certain kinds of foods or go for them anyway thinking they will just be careful. Any foods that are extremely sticky or chewy can get stuck to the braces and pull the bracket off the tooth. Very hard and crunchy foods are also bad for braces. When you go to bite into the food you don’t have enough surface space on your tooth to break into the food without it hitting the brackets. You want to think about the foods that your orthodontist told you to stay away from and actually stay away from them.
Wear an Orthodontic Mouthguard: There are some people that think that contact sports are out of the question when you have braces and that is not true. You can still play sports as long as you are careful and use protection. You can have a mouthguard made to fit with your braces and help to protect your teeth and orthodontic work during practice and games.
Ease Pain from Tightened Braces: It is very normal to have some discomfort when you have braces put on as well as when you have your braces adjusted. The discomfort will only last for around 24 hours and then should subside. You can help prevent the soreness by using an over the counter pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. This can get you through the day that may be painful. If you feel like the pain or discomfort lasts for several days you can call and make an appointment.
Clean Braces Properly: One of the best ways to prevent an emergency is to take care of your teeth and braces on a regular basis. This include brushing and flossing several times a day and for the proper amount of time. It can be difficult to floss with braces but there are options that make it easier. Be sure to care for your teeth to keep bacteria and cavities from setting in.

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