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What to Expect on Your First Orthodontic Visit

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

For some, the first orthodontic visit can be nerve-racking. You may have a lot of questions like what paperwork will I need to complete? What documents will I need to bring and what can I expect during the examinations? Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics wants to help put your mined at ease and will walk you through all the steps. This will help you feel more prepared when having your first visit to the orthodontist!

Schedule Orthodontist Appointment

First you want to schedule your appointment. Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics allows you to either call or email a request for an appointment. Depending where you go, each office may or mat not have an email option. But the phone call never fails anywhere you go. So contact your preferred orthodontist and find a day and time that works the best for you.

Orthodontic New Patient Forms

When preparing for your appointment, there are some documents that you will need. For your convenience, Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics provides new patient forms on our website, as do others, so check if this option is available. It can save time to have the paperwork filled out before you get there. Don’t stress if you didn’t have time, or the ability, to print out the forms. We always have them on site. Be sure to bring your ID and insurance cards. The front desk personnel will ask for them so they can make copies and verify your provider. If possible, try and bring any x-rays and diagnostic records to help your orthodontist determine you needs.

Initial Orthodontic Examination

After the paperwork is taken care of, we’ll then take you to an examination room and conduct some basic exams. At this time, voice your own personal concerns giving your orthodontist some direction towards your treatment. Typically the orthodontist will examine your face, lips, gums, and teeth. A bite test will also be done to see what your teeth are doing. The bite test is when you bite done on a mouth piece leaving an impression of your teeth. At this point they can determine what you will need for treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment Process; What to Expect

You may find you don’t need braces. Depending on your teeth there are some other methods of treatment. If your orthodontist decides that braces are needed, they may have you revisit your dentist to prepare your teeth for this procedure. If you have any other dental needs, finish them before receiving your braces. If all other dental work is done, and your teeth cleaned, many times they can put your braces on the day of your visit. Depending on your treatment, the orthodontist may need to reschedule your visit to prepare and order the necessary equipment. Age will also play a factor when you get braces. If the patient is young and still have baby teeth or your 12 year molars haven’t come in yet, they will probably make you wait for braces or do other forms of treatment.

Stress Free Orthodontic Visit

When scheduling your first visit with your orthodontist see what you can do to be more prepared, and make it a stress free time. The more information you can give your orthodontist, the easier it will be to determine treatment and make it fast and easy to get that prefect smile.