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What Kind of Halloween Candy Can You Eat With Braces?

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Halloween is generally a time kids of all ages look forward to, and truth be known, many adults too. Getting to dress up for a short time and use the imagination to become someone or something else for a brief moment is so much fun. The games, goodies and treats that are to be had fill the minds of all the kids and the possibilities are endless. But what of the child in your home who is stuck wearing braces? We are made aware of the rules prior to be fitting with braces, that chewy and hard candy is forbidden. Are there any exceptions for this one night of fun?

Halloween Candy You Can & Can’t Eat With Braces

Well we at Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics would like to encourage you not to despair; we have some tricks up our sleeves for this hallowed event. (Imagine the sinister laughter dissipating as you read on for effect). It is wise to be mindful of your braces when contemplating your bag of treats this Halloween. Your delicious sweets, sours, sticky, and chocolate goodness you crave are staring you right in the face daring you to indulge. Where they are all indeed yummy bites of deliciousness, you don’t want to risk damaging your braces or ruining your teeth.

List of Halloween Candy You Can’t Eat With Braces

You definitely need to stay away from the hard candy, chewy stuff like caramels, taffy, jelly beans, licorice, bubble gum, suckers, sour candy, and nutty candies that can do a number on your teeth and your braces. Skittle and starburst and other fruity and/or sour candy can worsen your teeth by significantly reducing the PH value, wearing down the protected enamel. Not only can this destroy braces but if it get caught where it can be removed your teeth can be prone to decay and cavities.

Braces Friendly Halloween Candy

To participate in Halloween, enjoy some alternative choices such as dark chocolate, sugar-free gum or any candy containing a sugar substitute Xylitol. They are not harmful as some other choices are. Treats that melt in your mouth are better for those with the diligence to do so such as:
– Peanut butter cups
– Soft chocolate
– Root beer floats
– Ice Cream
– Gelatin treats in their verities
– Smoothies
– Apple Cider
– Cut pieces of bananas and apples
– Tons of water to curb your appetite.

Brush, Floss & Rinse After Eating Candy With Braces

No matter what you chose to indulge in, remember after the event of chewing down the tasty treats to scrub your chompers really well. Floss diligently and use your mouthwash. If you have gotten a ton of candy that is on the “do not eat” list, consider donating to a local children’s hospital or foster center to help brighten up someone’s day.

Teeth Straightening Braces

If you encountered any problems during your day of trick or treating and braces are not fully operational, come see Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics today for any adjustments. Avoid prolonging your treatment by getting by on braces that might endure damage just because you couldn’t resist temptation!