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Tell Me Everything About Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Dental braces have evolved over the years with many big changes happening in recent years. Before you commit the time you’ll have them on and the money you’ll spend, there are things you need to know.

Tell Me Everything About Braces

1. Orthodontists have more training than dentists. A lot of dentists will tell you they can do your braces for you but you should really go to an orthodontist as they specialize in braces. They may do it for less but it’s not a great idea. Dentists just don’t have as much training. Orthodontists become a dentist first and then continue on with an orthodontic program. This makes them more knowledgeable in tooth movement, jaw function and the aesthetics of the face.
2. Get more than one orthodontic consultation. You should get more than one opinion and you aren’t going to offend anyone. If an orthodontist talks about extractions or you have a complicated case, you should most definitely get another opinion. There are many ways that one problem can be approached, so find the one that you’re most comfortable with.
3. Cost and treatment of braces varies. If you don’t have orthodontic coverage, then you may be paying out if pocket. The average cost is between $3,000 and $6,000, depending on the work that needs to be done. Usually you can slowly pay overtime and the time you are in braces will vary as well as it all depends on the issues being taken care of.
4. Read your orthodontic contract. An orthodontic contract will be drawn up and will need to be signed. You need to know all the details of your contract. This contract is a binding legal document as to missed payments, retainer costs, etc. If you start to have issues with making payments, talk to your orthodontist as they are more than willing to work something out as long as they see you’re making an effort to make payments.
5. Stay with the same orthodontist. It would be perfect if we could know we were going to be in the same place for the next few years to finish your treatment. Life is unpredictable and you’ve signed a contract, so now what? Depending on your contract you may get a partial credit if you are moving. Once you’ve moved, you will need to start a new treatment plan with a new orthodontist. Different orthodontists use different methods and it may cost more to finish off your treatment.
6. Braces have no age limit. It’s good to know that braces aren’t just for teenagers. More and more adults are getting them. You are a candidate for braces as long your teeth and gums are healthy. Bad teeth and gums may become worse with the pressure that braces can put on teeth and gums. Adults get braces because they can afford them now, where their parents might have not been able to or they may have had them as teenagers and then failed to wear their retainers causing their teeth to move back.

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