Other Orthodontic Treatments

Other Orthodontic TreatmentsNot all orthodontic procedures involve straightening the teeth. Sleep apnea—a disruption of breathing during sleep—is a condition that can be serious if not addressed. The use of a dental device to keep the airway open may be recommended by the orthodontist.

TMD—Temporomandibular Disorder Treatments

A condition known as TMD—temporomandibular disorder—affects the joints of the jaw, the facial muscles controlling them, and the facial nerves. TMD can cause the jaw to lock and make it difficult to fully open the mouth, and it can result in face and neck pain, headaches, a clicking noise when you chew, and an uncomfortable bite. Once TMD is diagnosed, treatment options may include relaxation techniques, the use of a night guard, or braces. In some cases, surgery may be recommended.