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Orthodontist Vs. General Dentist

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

There are countless examples of careers that branch out and specialize in more specific areas. For example the civil law attorney may specialize in personal injury, but still have the general knowledge and appropriate credentials to take on contract suit. Or perhaps the medical field where primary doctors know general medical practices, but when your feet are in need of attention you see the podiatrist, or in cases where your head is having issues, you need the neurologist. The same applies to the field of dentistry. When our teeth are in need of braces, or other methods of straightening, dentists have the general knowledge, but it is the orthodontist that specializes in correcting misaligned teeth.

Leaver and Gardner would like relate a few benefits of using an orthodontist for braces, as opposed to having the dentist perform teeth straightening treatment.

1. Orthodontics Training. First and foremost, to become an orthodontist, an additional 2-3 years of education is required after graduating from dental schooling. The extra few years of school is done through an accredited orthodontic resident program. Having that extra schooling allows more specific education in dealing with methods, techniques and solutions to straighten teeth. Braces and other alternatives administered by an orthodontist is the better investment for overall treatment.
2. Teeth Straightening Experience. The more you do it, the better you get. When you focus your talents and skill on a more specific area, expertise is naturally gained. Dentists practice a wide range of general dentistry. Orthodontists focus on growth and development as well as diagnosis and appropriate treatment in all manners of malocclusion. The extra years of education and applying the trade daily result in extra experience. With the primary focus on administering braces and other such treatment, the orthodontist is better equipped to handle challenges and unique dilemmas. A dentist, even after running a practice for decades, may not be able find solutions without the necessary experience on their side. Orthodontists accumulating experiences in providing treatment for the various types of malocclusion will know how to treat your specific needs.
3. Better Teeth Straightening Results. Many folks are instantly turned off by utilizing the orthodontist, as opposed to the dentist, because of the expense. In many situations, the orthodontist service fees may be a little more than a dentists, however, you get what you pay for. More often than not, choosing to use the dentist for braces does not always mean getting efficient treatment. As previously mentioned, many cases are similar, but there are equally cases that give cause for unique treatment along the way. Having the skills and fortitude the orthodontist possesses, will get you more efficiency and better value with ending results that are above expectations.
4. Orthodontics Expertise. When deciding on whether to use a dentist or an orthodontist for administering your braces, consider the expertise in your decision. The dentist merely has the general idea on treatments for straightening your teeth and general solutions for common problems. Orthodontists, however, have extensive and specific training, schooling, experience, skills and continuing training. Having the tools to diagnose your individual needs, along with understanding your concerns and desires, the orthodontist can provide you with the most optimal treatment, for superior results.

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