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Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics has two convenient locations to serve the people of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. With Dr. Leaver and Dr. Gardner individually practicing their craft for over a decade, they have grown to be passionate and skillful practitioners. We know that there are many terms and words used in our industry that can leave many confused. For convenience, we included an Orthodontic Dictionary for you to bookmark and use whenever the need strikes you.
Appliance: Teeth strengthening devices. Examples include; braces, Invisalign, Damon Braces, Lingual braces and retainers.
Archwire: In braces, a wire that continues through each bracket slot is known as an archwire.
Band: A metal device that holds a bracket or tube in place, by wrapping it around each tooth.
Bite turbo: A small orthodontic device that is installed on the back of the upper front teeth to prevent the teeth from fully closing. The bite turbo protects the lower braces from being damaged during biting.
Bonding: With the use of an adhesive, bonding is a technique used to attach an orthodontic device directly to the enamel of the tooth.
Bracket: The metal device, or braces, is used for fastening the archwire to the tooth or band.
Coil Spring: To open a space between teeth, a spring is fitted between the bracket and the archwire.
Elastic: A small rubber band that attaches to the braces to exert forces on teeth designed to facilitate movement.
Elastic Tie: A small rubber band that encircles the bracket to secure the archwire in the bracket slot.
Forsus: A device utilized to improve the alignment of the bite or jaw.
Herbst Appliance: By holding the lower jaw in a protrusive position, the Herbst Appliance is a device that corrects an overbite.
Hook: A small feature that attaches elastics or other auxiliary devices to.
Lingual Braces: A type of braces that are placed behind teeth to avoid being seen. They are also known as Incognito braces or Ibraces.
Invisalign: A type of treatment that uses a series of clear plastic aligners, similar to clear retainers, to gradually straighten teeth. They are used to be less obvious as well as being able to remove it with ease for eating, drinking and daily oral hygiene.
Ligature: A wire used to tie a tooth to an orthodontic appliance or to another tooth.
Mouth Guard: Recommended for patients who engage in athletic activities to prevent injuries. A mouth guard is a tooth or gum shield.
Palatal Expander: A device often used to widen the upper jaw, which will make the upper and lower teeth fit harmoniously together.
Retainer: A device, usually engineered of plastic and wires that holds the teeth in position after prior treatments.
Separator: Also known as spacers, separators are rubber bands or metal appliances used to create space between teeth.
Wax: A soft, malleable substance that is placed on brackets to prevent rubbing and irritation.

Common Orthodontic Procedures:

Banding: A procedure that adheres bands directly to teeth.
Bonding: The process by which an orthodontic device is attached directly to the tooth enamel.
Cephalometric X-Ray: A diagnostic tool very similar to an X-ray. This procedure is frequently used for treatment planning.
Consultation: The first evaluation done by an orthodontist.
Debanding/Debonding: Removing orthodontic appliances from the teeth.
Impression: A replica of teeth and oral tissue made from a thick liquid material that quickly sets as a solid rubber mass.
Cone Beam CT Scan: Three dimensional, wrap around X-ray that uses very low radiation.

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