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How to Relax Before Seeing the Orthodontist

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Ortho Anxiety: Nervous to Get Braces? Try These Simple Steps.

For some of us, the thought of going to the dentist sounds about as fun as sitting at the DMV all day, and a dental appointment is not an event looked forward to. Some adults and kids alike struggle with dental anxiety. And this anxiety can heighten for kids when their appointment with the orthodontist involves getting braces put on their teeth. To a kid, this is a huge deal and is often accompanied by thoughts and feelings of fear, pain and the unknown. If your child is preparing to get braces on their teeth, there are a few steps you can take to ease their worries.

How to Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety You are Feeling About Getting Braces

It is important to know you are not the only one who is afraid of going to the dentist or orthodontist. This is a common fear among many people, and when you realize that you are not the only one who struggles with these anxious feelings, the situation can become much easier to take on. It is perfectly normal to admit you are a little bit afraid to get braces on your teeth. Most kids are afraid because they are not sure of the process. Sitting down, speaking to your orthodontist and getting a step by step play of the appointment is a great way to overcome any anxiety and know how the appointment will proceed. Knowledge is definitely power and will help you feel more comfortable about getting braces on your teeth.

Overcoming Dental Phobia & Anxiety will Improve your Oral Health

People who struggle with dental anxiety or phobia actually have a much higher risk of gum disease and tooth loss. The anxiety prevents people from even making an appointment with their oral care provider for a simple check up or cleaning. When these appointments are avoided, the oral health of that person suffers severely and can lead to a variety of serious health issues. These issues include cavities, gum disease, heart disease, stroke and even diabetes. In regards to orthodontics, dental anxiety could keep you from having the straight teeth and beautiful smile you deserve! Know that overcoming your dental anxiety and making an appointment with Leaver Garner Orthodontics can transform your smile.

Braces Will Improve Your Smile as well as Boost Your Confidence and Self Esteem

While the thought of braces may frighten even the bravest, consider the many positives that will happen from getting braces on your teeth. Braces may look and feel funny for a while, but in reality, most people rarely even notice you have braces, or quickly get used to them after a very short time. Braces are short term and worth the time it takes to get your smile looking like a million dollars. You will never regret getting braces after seeing the impact they leave on your teeth. A beautiful straight smile will leave you feeling confident and maybe even a little bit silly for ever feeling nervous about getting braces.

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