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How Much Do Braces Cost?

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

You probably know that orthodontic treatment is a fantastic investment in your smile, but you may be concerned about the size of the investment. When we’re talking to patients about straightening their teeth, we often hear the question, “how much do braces cost?” Here at Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics, we understand why this is a big worry for many people, and that’s why we’re proud to offer multiple treatment options to fit every budget! 

Our office provides customized treatment plans for all of our patients. Because of this, the total cost of braces for any patient will depend on several different variables. When calculating the investment needed for any new smile, we’ll take into several factors, including:

  • The type of braces you choose
  • Whether the braces are for an adult or a child
  • The orthodontic issues you need corrected
  • How long braces are estimated to be needed
  • If the patient has dental insurance that covers orthodontics

Each of these play a part in the total cost of treatment. For example, traditional metal braces tend to be one of the least expensive treatment options available, whereas clear braces or Invisalign aligners may run slightly more. The patient’s age also matters—orthodontic treatment for children often costs somewhat less than adult treatment, although this will vary from case to case. 

The most significant indicator of treatment cost is the complexity involved. Patients who have more complex problems can require longer treatment times than those with mild issues. This often means more work for the orthodontist and more follow-up appointments, and this extra commitment to your care will be reflected in how much your braces cost.  

Don’t forget that every orthodontist will have a unique pricing structure based on where the office is located. Dental insurance is something else to consider–while some policies do provide coverage for orthodontic treatment, how much they’ll cover usually depends on the individual patient, and the recommended treatment plan.

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What does the total cost of treatment include?

Although there’s a lot that goes into determining the cost of treatment with braces, one thing you’ll never have to worry about with us is hidden costs! When you schedule your free consultation with Dr. Leaver and Dr. Gardner, we’ll go over everything included in your personalized treatment plan and ensure you understand each part of it before we begin the active phase of your orthodontic journey. 

Our individualized treatment plans contain everything needed for superior, long-lasting results, including:

  • all appointments
  • any emergency visits
  • braces or aligners
  • retainers
  • post-treatment follow-up visits
  • an oral hygiene starter pack

At Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics, our treatment fees are a reflection of the expert skills we possess, the innovative technology we use, and the top-quality service our team provides. We know that braces are a significant investment for most of our patients, and we’re here to help you achieve a confident smile that you’re proud to share with the world!

What is the average cost for braces?

There are so many different factors involved in personalized orthodontic care that there’s no “one size fits all” answer for how much treatment will cost. In general, however, you can expect the average treatment cost for a child to be anywhere from $3-7K, while adult braces or aligners can run from around $5-8K. Again, the total cost will depend on each patient’s specific needs and the variables we outlined above.

Does dental insurance cover orthodontic treatment?

While many dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, the rules around coverage can often be vague and confusing. Our team is happy to help you find out if your particular insurance plan covers orthodontic treatment!

Dr. Leaver or Dr. Gardner will customize your treatment plan based on their professional experience and what you need from your treatment.  They’ll always recommend the treatment that will suit your smile most, regardless of whether your insurance covers that option. 

Because insurance policies differ significantly, we’ll review your insurance to help you decide on the best course of action. Once treatment begins, we can file your insurance claims for you and accept any payment assignment from your insurance company. Our team will estimate co-payments and out of pocket expenses before you start your treatment. You’ll be responsible for any underpayment at that point.

If insurance will not cover treatment, can any of the costs be deducted?

If your doctor has determined that braces are medically necessary, the dental health care costs associated with them may be tax-deductible. However, the cost has to exceed a certain amount before any deductions would kick in. If deducting the cost of treatment is something you’re interested in, you should keep track of all expenses, including co-pays and check-up visits.

Will Medicaid cover the cost of braces?

If your doctor believes braces are medically necessary for you, Medicaid may cover your treatment costs. It is essential to ask about the percentage of coverage and the lifetime maximum before proceeding with treatment.

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Invest in a healthier smile with Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics

Although braces can undoubtedly improve your cosmetic appearance, they do so much more! Your oral health plays a vital role in your total body health, with misaligned teeth increasing the risk for everything from tooth decay and cavities to pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. While orthodontic treatment can be a significant investment, it also comes with positive benefits that can last you a lifetime!

When it comes to your smile, the last thing you want to do is comparison shop for an orthodontist based on price alone. Even though we all like finding the best deals, in this case, you should choose an orthodontist based on their skill, experience, and how comfortable you feel in their care. Since you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in their office throughout the treatment process, be careful to pick a practice that makes you feel welcome!

Here at Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality orthodontic care that’s also affordable! If you’re in Las Vegas or the surrounding area and want to know more about how you can achieve a beautiful smile that fits your budget, get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE virtual consultation with Dr. Leaver and Dr. Gardner!