Damon® Smile


Orthodontic Retainer Cost North Las Vegas & HendersonA major innovation in recent years has been the introduction of self-ligating Damon braces. “Self-ligating” means you don’t need elastics or other ties to attach the archwire that applies pressure to the teeth, gradually straightening them. Instead, the wire slides through a mechanism built right into the brackets. The brackets are bonded to the teeth the same as for traditional braces, but the absence of elastics gives Damon braces a much more streamlined look. We now offer Damon braces in Las Vegas to patients who favor this more streamlined look. For an even more “invisible braces look”, check out Damon Clear braces also.

Aesthetics aren’t the only benefit

Aesthetics aren’t the only benefit. Because the wire’s slide mechanism doesn’t require ties, you don’t need to come into the office as frequently to have elastics changed and adjustments made—the high-tech “memory wire” will continue to move your teeth between appointments. No elastics also means less friction and less area for plaque to collect, a definite plus in terms of dental hygiene.

Studies have also shown that with Damon braces, some patients may finish their treatment more quickly—as much as six months sooner than they would with traditional braces.

As with traditional braces, you’ll be fitted with a retainer to wear after your Damon braces are removed so that your teeth maintain their new alignment.

Cost of Damon Braces

Damon braces cost more than traditional metal braces, but for many of our patients the benefits make them well worth the additional expense. As with all available orthodontic treatments in Las Vegas, the actual cost is determined both by the type of appliance and by the extent of correction that’s needed. Also ask us about orthodontic retainer cost.

Our Damon Smile patients come to us from  Centennial Hills, Summerlin, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and close-by areas.