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Benefits of Invisalign Treatment Over Braces

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Invisalign Teeth StraighteningOver the centuries, many aspects of life have seen vast improvements as technology advances and new methods, strategies and techniques are applied. Dentistry is no exception. With a vast amount of the populace depending on corrective treatments to improve their teeth’s appearance, as well as combat the health concerns that inflict teeth, gums and jaw, the use of traditional braces is becoming slowly obsolete. With exceptional designs and engineering, less people are having to deal with being self conscience over having traditional braces; and all the hardware that comes with it.

Leaver and Gardner Orthodontics would like to share the advantages Invisalign treatments have compared to traditional braces.

1. Invisalign has Improved Looks. With traditional braces, there is an extensive amount of metal and elastics that construct the braces. An incredibly loud and indiscreet display of the treatment you are receiving, which can make some folks a little awkward; especially if someone brings it the spotlight. With Invisalign, your teeth are getting the therapy they need to be corrected, without it coming between you and interactions with other people.
2. Invisalign is More Comfortable. Invisalign is designed and engineered with a clear, soft plastic tray which provides more comfort than the traditional hardware installed on your teeth. Traditional braces constructed of metal brackets and wiring can easily snag and tear the soft tissues in your mouth, contributing to addition discomfort and pain. Metal braces are designed to apply constant pressure to gradually straighten your teeth which causes a dull, constant pain. Invisalign utilizes a series of plastic trays to straighten your teeth more comfortably.
3. Improved Oral Care. With a mouth filled with braces, it can be difficult and cumbersome to efficiently clean the surfaces of your teeth. Having to brush around the brackets and wires is a hardship. If you get in the habit of inadequate oral care, it could contribute to additional problems for your teeth and gums such as decay and cavities. Invisalign allows you to give your teeth a perfect brushing, flossing and rinsing. In addition, Invisalign trays can be meticulously cleaned for a perfect cleaning and sanitizing all around.
4. Easier Eating. When metal braces are being used to straighten your teeth, there are many food restrictions. Gum, sticky or hard foods are prohibited as they can permanently become lodged into the brackets, sometimes even causing damage to hardware. Eating food is not a concern with Invisalign. Whenever the mood strikes you for a meal or snack, Invisalign is simply removed while you eat, and replaced once you’re done. There are no worries of damage to the product or your teeth.
5. Straightens Teeth Faster. Invisalign is proven to expedite the teeth straightening process. With metal braces, the average duration of treatment is 36 months and there are cases where it took far longer. With Invisalign, treatment is completed between 12-18 months, making them much more time efficient.
6. Improved Speech. When utilizing any kind of mouth guard-type equipment, speech can be influenced. Traditional braces can really effect a patients speech, taking a considerable amount of time to compensate and correct. Invisalign users notice a slight lisp, but it usually adjusts within a few short days.

Invisalign Treatment & Traditional Metal Braces to Straighten Crooked or Misaligned Teeth in the Las Vegas Valley of Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics are the leading authority on providing straightening treatment for teeth that are in need of improvement. Invisalign is becoming a popular choice. With our experience and skills at Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics, we can effectively correct the alignment of your teeth to give you a healthy and confident smile. Contact us today to learn more!