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Benefits of Braces to Straighten Crooked, Crowded Teeth

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

Say Cheese! I Never Used To Smile In Pictures!

This is probably true for a lot of young people and even plenty of adults. The vast majority of the world is not born with teeth that grow in perfectly and many of them have very bad teeth alignment and crowding that can cause some major self conscience behavior. Having teeth that are not straight or are crowded can cause a person at any age to want to hide the way their smile looks. Especially since now it is much more common to get braces. More and more people have perfectly straight teeth. Most people that don’t have straight teeth are embarrassed and choose to smile in photos with a closed mouth. Just because their teeth are hidden from view in pictures does not make them any easier to deal with. You still have to talk to friends, family and co-workers so having your teeth fixed is the best idea. There are several options to having your teeth straightened and get you smiling in photos again. Contact Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics for a caring consultation and embark on a teeth straightening plan customized just for you!

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics Outlines Why Braces Are A great Way to Get Your Smile Back.

Why Braces? When you are a young child, you are at an age where your baby teeth are making their way in. Most of the time the size of the baby teeth are such that they fit nice and neat along the jawline. As those teeth fall out and your adult teeth come in, crowding can begin. It is not always noticeable with the first four to eight teeth but as more teeth start to come in the bigger and more obvious the problem can be. That is the age that many people begin to “Say Cheese” but hide their teeth in embarrassment and shame. Through braces of any kind, whether you choose traditional braces or something more streamline such as an Invisalign, you can get your open mouth smile back! The great part is that braces start to work right away and your orthodontist will see you on a regular basis to continue to adjust them to allow your teeth to move into their optimal position. As this happens you will start to feel more confident and begin to actually smile in pictures again. You will not only build confidence but you will look happier in photos and feel much better about yourself. And appearance is not by any means the only benefit of braces! Straight teeth help you bite, chew, and even speak more effectively. Straight teeth also contribute to healthy teeth and gums as they are much easier to brush, clean and floss!

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