Meet the Orthodontics Team

At Leaver & Gardner, our friendly and caring staff strive to provide you and your family the best possible custom orthodontic care. Our certified clinical assistants have years of chairside experience and continue to constantly expand their learning and knowledge. They do this by staying up to date in the world of orthodontics through continuing education courses and industry seminars. Our treatment and scheduling coordinators strive to give our patients the exciting and rewarding experience they deserve in their orthodontic journey and smile transformations. Our whole team enjoys meeting new patients and seeing firsthand the beautiful smiles that emerge as a result of our personalized orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontists, chairside and front desk staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your orthodontic treatment.

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Leaver and Gardner Staff

Debby - Las Vegas, NV


Office Manager, Northwest Las Vegas Office

I’ve been with the practice since 1985 and it’s a pleasure to see some of the patients I cared for when I was a clinical assistant now bringing in their children for orthodontics. I think everyone here is honored that we’re entrusted to create a healthy and amazing smile for our patients, and we take that responsibility seriously, but we also have fun with those in our care. I keep our northwest office moving smoothly, so the team can focus on our patients!

My husband Jim and I have been married for 35 years. I’ve two daughters and a grandson. When I’m not with my family, I enjoy playing USTA League tennis and riding with Jim on his Harley.


Jen A. - Las Vegas, NV

Jen A.

Office Manager, Summerlin (Southwest Las Vegas) Office

It’s so much fun to watch the overall change in a patient’s confidence and appearance that results from the care and orthodontic treatment we provide. Each person reacts a little differently as they see their new smile developing, but each of them has greater self-esteem and confidence in their interactions with others. I work to ensure that our southwest office functions perfectly, so each patient’s treatment experience is wonderful, at every visit!

I was born in Reno and raised in Las Vegas. I love spending time with my husband and five children, especially at the beach.


Glenda - Las Vegas, NV


Treatment Coordinator

While I love everything about my job, I have to say that meeting new patients and their families has to be the highlight. It’s so much fun to be part of their orthodontic journey, ensuring that they get off to a wonderful start. I spend my time educating patients and parents about different treatment options, how everything works, and the various steps involved in straightening their teeth. I love answering a patient’s questions and seeing their excitement!

When I’m away from work, I like spending quality time with my family and friends. I’m also an avid shopper and enjoy photography, too.


Fatima - Las Vegas, NV


Scheduling Coordinator, Northwest Las Vegas Office

I enjoy seeing and getting to know each patient as they start their orthodontic journey. Their excitement is contagious! Hearing about what’s happening in their lives, as they come in for their regular visits, lets me become friends with them, and I love that process. And when they finish treatment? I can’t get over those beautiful new smiles! It’s incredibly fulfilling to work in a field where we help great people feel better about their appearance.

I’ve been married for 17 years and have three young daughters. We love our family time, especially cooking together and creating new dishes.

Kelly - Las Vegas, NV


Scheduling Coordinator, Summerlin (Southwest Las Vegas) Office

I love getting to know our patients and their families, and seeing the transformation in each person’s smile as they move through treatment. Not only do their smiles look better, but they smile more often and with greater confidence! I greet patients and families when they arrive, and make it easy to schedule future visits. Here, we understand busy schedules, so we work with patients to find appointment times that work for them.

I’m a Las Vegas native and have four very wonderful, very active children. You can always find three of them playing soccer and the other in singing/dance classes.

We love family time.


Lisa - Las Vegas, NV


Orthodontics Scheduling Coordinator

It’s a pleasure to come to work each morning, knowing my day will spent having wonderful conversations with the best people in the world: our patients! It is a joy to see their smiling faces coming through the doors, bursting with excitement to share the latest news about school or adventures. I enjoy watching their personalities change as they get their new smile, and we celebrate together when the braces come off and everyone sees that new smile for the first time!

Away from work, I love spending time with my spouse, four children, and four grandchildren. I also enjoy swimming, playing tennis, and cooking delicious meals.


Jen W. - Las Vegas, NV

Jen W.

Clinical Assistant and Lab Technician

My work is never boring: our patients are all fascinating people, and I love getting to know them on a personal level. At the same time, my work is challenging, as I both provide clinical assistance to patients and our doctors during orthodontic procedures, and am a lab technician in our onsite lab, as well. I love working in such a happy office, where there are so many smiles and lots of laughter from my teammates and our patients.

I enjoy people and our community. Spending time with family and friends is a priority for me. I also dabble in hairstyling and photography, and take the occasional road trip, too.


Arlin - Las Vegas, NV


Clinical Assistant

I love working in a practice where we take excellent care of each patient, making sure they are smiling during their visits. The friendships we create are very rewarding, but the best part of my work is seeing each person’s final results, when the braces come off and that new smile is revealed! I provide assistance to our doctors as they deliver care to our patients, making sure the doctor has everything needed and supporting the patient at the same time.

My personal passion is dancing salsa. My dream is to star on the show “So You Think You Can Dance.”


Clinical Assistant

It’s so much fun to see the excitement on a patient’s face when they realize they’re getting braces, and then watching their excitement grow as their smile changes. When treatment is completed, and they see that incredible smile for the first time, I’m laughing and celebrating with them! My days are spent providing assistance to our doctors as they care for patients, and to our patients, while they’re being treated.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my amazing husband and three beautiful daughters. We love playing games and taking road trips together.

Monica - Las Vegas, NV


Clinical Assistant

I love watching a patient’s progress and the changes that happen as their new smile develops. Comparing their before and after photos, and showing a patient just how far they’ve come when we take the braces off, is a wonderful experience! Each person is so thrilled with their smile and I take pride in knowing I played a role in making that change. It’s fun to get to know and care for so many amazing people and help make their dreams come true.

I’m a former patient of Dr. Leaver and love the smile he developed for me! When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our English bulldog, and singing.

Nan - Las Vegas, NV


Clinical Assistant and Inventory Manager

It’s so wonderful to see the changing smiles of our patients, and the increase in their self-confidence along the way. I had orthodontic treatment, so I understand the transformation each patient is going through. I work with our patients, delivering assistance during orthodontic procedures. I also track inventory and order, so we always have everything needed to deliver great care.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time in my garden. I’ve also played guitar in a country rock band!

Rebecca - Las Vegas, NV


Clinical Assistant

It’s such a pleasure to assist each of our patients reach their goal of a healthy, wonderful smile. I like helping patients get excited about their treatment. The best feeling in the world, truly, is when I see a patient’s ecstatic face when they come in to get their braces off. We’re all feeling that same excitement and anticipation right along with them! I help patients and our doctors during orthodontic processes, making sure the patient is comfortable and smiling.

I spend my free time with my family, but also enjoy exploring creative outlets, including baking and crafting projects.

Renee - Las Vegas, NV


Orthodontic Assistant

I love having the chance to meet and interact with so many awesome families and patients. Each person comes to us to get a healthier, beautiful smile, and our team does just that! Even better, we become friends with our patients and their families, and I love hearing updates about their lives, adventures, and successes. I offer assistance to our patients and doctors, ensuring every visit goes smoothly for everyone.

I’ve been married for seven years and we have two beautiful children. Outside of work, my family is kept busy with soccer and gymnastics.

Whitney - Las Vegas, NV



Our orthodontics team welcomes patients from Centennial Hills, Summerlin, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and nearby communities.