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10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

Article by Dr. Leaver & Dr. Gardner

So, you live in or around Las Vegas, and you’ve decided (or been told) that it’s time for orthodontic treatment. That’s great! Everyone here at Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics is thrilled that you’ve taken the time to learn more about your options. That’s a great sign! 

Chances are, you’re thinking about braces. That’s what often comes to mind when we think orthodontics, and for a good reason! Braces are highly effective at straightening your teeth, realigning your jaw to reduce painful symptoms associated with TMJ, and more.  

You may think they hurt too much. You may think you won’t be able to eat how you want. Maybe you think you’ll get struck by lightning! Believe us; we’ve heard it all. The good news is that most of what you may have heard is either straight-up not true or nowhere near as bad as it’s been presented. We sat down with Dr. Leaver and Dr. Gardner, and they gave us the scoop on ten braces myths you need to know. Let’s get started! 

Myth #1 – Braces are painful.

While this may have been true at one time, modern-day braces are much more comfortable these days, offering more flexible, lightweight, and durable materials!

Today’s modern methodologies and best practices do not compare to the bad old days. While initial discomfort upon beginning your course of treatment is undoubtedly a thing, you’ll adjust quickly. Dr. Leaver or Dr. Gardner will be more than happy to discuss the ins and outs of braces comfort with you during your free consultation

Myth #2 – Braces aren’t attractive. 

Even though braces are often employed to give us a great-looking smile when it’s all over and done with, one common concern our clients have raised is they worry about how they’ll look during treatment. 

Well, like with Myth #1 up there, you’re in luck! Braces have really evolved! These days, they’re less obtrusive than ever. In fact, you’re in luck since here at Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics, we don’t just offer traditional metal braces.

Whether you call them clear, ceramic, tooth-colored, or aesthetic, it all comes down to one thing – less visible braces! They blend right in with your natural smile and are just as effective as metal offerings. Your ceramic braces could work even faster!

Myth #3 – Braces are hard to maintain.

You may have images of constantly coming in for new wires after yet another incident or an hours-long struggle sesh following a particularly juicy pear, but whatever you’re thinking, chances are it boils down to ‘high maintenance. 

But guess what! Besides learning a bit about cleaning, braces are super easy to care for. They’re probably not going to get lost, and the same features that make them less painful and intrusive in modern offerings make them much less hassle to deal with day-to-day. 

Myth #4 – Braces are too expensive! 

Leaver & Gardner Orthodontics takes pride in serving the community from our Northwest Las Vegas and Summerlin locations. A big part of that service includes offering free consultations and flexible payment plans. 

You’re not a number to us, and neither is your child. We want you to have the best smiles possible, and we will work with you to find a financing plan that makes sense for your budget. 

10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

Myth # 5 – Braces are only for teens. 

The fact is that dental malocclusion, overbites, jaw issues such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) and other orthodontic issues have no expiration date. 

While there may be a societal preconception of braces as belonging to youngsters, that idea is starting to change – more than 25% of all new braces patients are adults, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. 

Myth # 6 – Braces take forever to work. 

While it’s true that treatment takes time, the typical course for orthodontic treatment, as corrected via traditional braces, is anywhere from 12-36 months. Many patients find themselves at the shorter end of this spectrum. 

Not only that, but you’ll start to see results much sooner than that. Typically within the first few months! Now that’s what I call motivation! 

Myth #7 – Braces restrict recreational activities.

For some reason, the idea got started that if you use braces, you won’t be able to participate in certain contact sports. Another one we’ve heard is that various musical instruments in the wind family become off-limits once you’ve begun treatment. 

Well, happily, these are just pure myths! Sure, you’ll want to take it easy the first couple of weeks after beginning treatment to adjust, but if you wear a mouthguard for certain contact sports (which you should be doing anyway), you’re good to go! 

Mth # 8 – Braces conduct electricity. 

Now this one’s just funny. However, we understand how the idea could get started. Most braces are metal, after all, and when we think metal, we think magnets. And when we think magnets, we think lightning! Magnetism and electricity are demonstrable extensions of the same physical theory, after all!

Fear not, friend. Modern-day braces are composed entirely of metal alloys, with no traceable magnetic particles or attraction. We still wouldn’t recommend any activity that would put your mouth in close contact with an electrical socket, to be fair…  

Myth #9 Braces will restrict my diet. 

Wrong again. Provided you take the time to learn how to clean your braces properly, you’ll be happily snacking away on the gooiest gummies and crunchiest apples in no time! 

Myth # 10 Braces are my only option. 

We’ve given you more than a few reasons not to fear getting braces (nine so far, to be exact!). However, we completely understand if you’re still interested in alternatives. 

By the way, did we mention that there are alternatives? Clear, removable Invisalign aligners are available when appropriate. Ask Dr. Leaver or Dr. Gardner, and they’ll work with you, utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology, to determine whether your specific case is treatable with Invisalign. 

10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

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